About US

Shanghai Yi Ting Guo International Trade Co., Ltd. is a joint-stock cooperative enterprise of professional production and processing, specialized in bamboo products (bamboo chopsticks, bamboo skewers, bamboo charcoal, bamboo flooring, bamboo mat, fragrant core), construction ceramics (polished tiles, archaized tiles, exterior wall tiles, ceramic tiles, permeable bricks), household items (toilet paper, diapers), and other products. The company's headquarters is based in Jiangxi Province. In 2014, to expand business and enhance its competitiveness in import and export trade, the company registered in Shanghai FTA test area with RMB$10,000,000. Shanghai Yi Ting Guo International Trade Co., Ltd was set up with a professional team and was engaged in international import and export business. It owns two bamboo products plants, five ceramics plants and two health supplies plants.
Products of its ceramics plants are Class A environmentally friendly products in line with international standards of international GB65662001. The company wins many awards for its refined brand, such as: National Inspection-free Products, China Brand Products, China Famous Brand of Ceramics Industry, and so on.
Bamboo Products Plant is an outstanding and trustworthy enterprise. It is committed to controlling upstream raw materials of the products to avoid the contamination of raw materials by pesticides or genetically modified raw materials. This ensures the superior quality of the products and provides a strong price advantage as well.
The product has been popular in Europe, Japan, USA, Middle East, Africa, and Southeast Asia. The company relies on the advantage of Shanghai to enable our products to go global. Jiangxi Factory provides quality products and price advantage. In addition, based on the requirements of foreign and domestic customers, the company can process and provide a variety of quality building decorating materials and metals processing products.
Shanghai Yi Ting Guo International Trade Co., Ltd. builds up its brand with quality products, wins the market with excellent service, and gains recognition from customers by its integrity, strength and quality products. Friends from all walks of life are welcome to Shanghai Yi Ting Guo International Trade Co., Ltd. for visit or business negotiation.